Saturday, December 29, 2012

New stuff

I am currently working on (nearly finished with) a new project for The Wall that I am super excited about.  However, there is one last detail to finish and photograph before I can post about it.  I can hear the sigh of relief from the non-Withnail-addicts.

In other news, I/we received two new cinematographic gifts as yet unbeheld, and as I love anticipated pleasures, I am very happy about this.

The first was a Yuletide gift from Bear:

This series looks to be right down my proverbial alley, fraught with excellent casting (that gent on the left, Jamie Campbell Bower, played Gellert Grindelwald in the Harry Potter movies, plus Joseph Fiennes, Sean Pertwee of "Brother Cadfael" fame, and James Purefoy, who rocked the hell out of Solomon Kane!)

As an addict of period dramas, including "The Tudors", "Borgia", and "Spartacus", I am looking forward to adding Camelot to my lusty list of favorites.  There's something about the sumptuous melee of gorgeous clothing, finely worked metal headgear, long hair, luscious lips, and vicious weaponry that makes me very happy.  Throw in some horses, castles, and pagan magic, and I'm ecstatic.

The second new addition to our movie library is:

This is one of those instances where I pat myself on the back for having the poverty self-control not to go running out to the theater every time there's something I think I'd like.

I've seen the previews, and due to the Scottish setting of the story, I pretty much knew this was going to be a winner.  Now, since Bear and I haven't seen this yet, and our lovely friends gave it to us for Yuletide, we have it to look forward to - in the warmth and comfort of our own house, with our own snacks, our own bathroom, and in our own pajamas!  Loving it!

Plus, as a Sagittarian, how could I not love that cover shot?  I'm a pretty dang good marksman with various firearms (got the sharpshooter award in the police academy) but I've never tried a longbow.  Have always wanted to.  Maybe that's something to look into in the new year...

In other news...

Woke up with a cement head and a bastard behind the eyes today.  Was supposed to go to work, called in sick instead.  I am slated to work New Year's Eve, and something tells me if I don't chillax and get over this today, it will be worse down the line.  Better to call out sick on a non-holiday.  Calling out sick on a holiday gets you the evil side-eye of all your coworkers and the higher ups as well, because no one believes you could ever be sick on a holiday.  You're always suspected of being a big faking wanker.

Hope all of you had a fantastic, magical Yuletide, that you're all recovered from the eggnog!

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  1. Enjoy your movies - our kids were given Brave for Christmas too, so we finally got to watch it. Won't give you any spoilers but we loved it!


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